HMS About Page completeBradley J. Vasoli is founder and president of Hill Media Strategies.


Through years working in campaigns, nonprofits, and media, Brad has developed a wealth of communication, political, and managerial abilities.


Throughout his career in a field hardly known for its civility or decorum, Brad has consistently delivered boldness without brashness. Adhering to a belief in lucid, factual debate, his work and
demeanor cut through the white noise of mockery and spite so common in politics. His political vocation began as Internet Editor for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank for which he interned while attending American University. He returned home to the Keystone State to work in campaigns, having served as Press Secretary for Raj Peter Bhakta for Congress, a campaign that received extensive national news coverage. In 2012, Brad served as campaign manager for Congressman Jim Gerlach who represents the famously “swing” 6th District in the Philadelphia suburbs. Congressman Gerlach won by 14 percent and his highest vote margin with Brad’s management. Brad also served as Executive Director of the Republican Committee of Lower Merion & Narberth, working with campaigns at the grassroots level from Township Commissioner to U.S. Senator. Brad continues to serve as a Committee member.


In addition to his campaign work, Brad has received wide recognition as a journalist, having written prolifically on politics as well as community events and the arts. He wrote for the Philadelphia Bulletin and has penned opinion pieces for a variety of publications including National Review Online and the American Spectator Online. Over his career he has maintained a broad network within the regional press, the national conservative movement, and the Pennsylvania Republican Party.


bvasoli@hillmediastrategies.com • www.facebook.com/HillMediaStrategies